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Format Guidelines

Postby Sylverthorne » Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:58 am

Guidelines will help your readers, and hopefully cut down on OMG!my EYES! posts in response to some topics.

Subject line should include: Title, genre (including fanfic) and warnings - 'Worksafe' or 'Not Worksafe'.

Top of the message body should include: Disclaimer, specific warning tags and brief summary.
Disclaimers (where applicable) should include legal owner of copyrighted content, whether it is setting, characters, images or all of the above. Lack of disclaimer will result in a held post and a message to the author.
Below that, include the body of your story.

Please, for the love of little epics, format your posts! Reading a huge block of text is difficult, if not impossible.
Also, avail yourself of a beta reader - if nothing else, to catch spelling errors, inconsistencies and grammatical errors.

Available beta-readers:
... once I find some, I'll list them. Volunteers appreciated.

Posts not replied to after a period of three months will be locked. Please notify a moderator if you need a post thus locked unlocked.
Thieves and plagiarists will be temp-banned, repeat offenders will be perma-banned."
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